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Adidas Originals 
Aspecto Clothing were one of the first none sport retailers within the UK to buy Adidas Originals as a fashion line. Adidas has been at the heart of the sports fashion trend for many years.  They tap into their wealth of historical design classics have acquired a following for their retro trainers and clothing. It is this retro appeal that' floats the boat' for so many Aspecto customers.

Anderson Belts
The Aspecto buying team will tell you how difficult it is to find great designer belts at the right price but Anderson, with their Italian heritage, great leathers and woven fabric belts do appear to be the best out there.
Anthony Miles
What's special about Anthony Miles shoes is the attention to detail and the effort that has been expended on coming up with innovative and colourful sole units that transform what would otherwise be a classic upper, of which there are many in the marketplace,  into something really special.  This is certainly a brand to watch.
Alpha Industries
With its roots firmly embedded in military clothing Alpha Industries has managed to  translate the military vive styling into performance fashion centric jackets.  The MA1 flying jacket, M65 Field jacket and army parkas  proliferated through the shows for this season.
Whilst we don't produce our own label garments and footwear we do offer our customers the chance to purchase Aspecto gift cards in any denomination from £1 to £1000.   This takes the pressure off having to make a choice yourself and they can be used in store or online.  Shopping made simple.
Barbour Clothing
Barbour clothing does conjure up the image of walkers, horse riders and fishermen and their clothing is a common sight in the UK countryside; Barbour jackets are synonymous with country, class and Royalty.  Barbour has been around since 1849 and can genuinely be described as a heritage label.  There are a number of collections manuafctured under the Barour umrella. Here at Aspecto we stock a selection of clothing, including the iconic jackets from the Barbour International, Barbour Heritage and Barbour Lifestyle ranges. Barbour also manufacture the sought after Barbour Steve McQueen collection and have branched out into Barbour footwear.
Aspecto stock an extensive range of clothing for men and women and have collaborated with Barbour over a number of seasons to create exclusive products that you won’t find anywhere else. Aspecto are one of Barbour's largest stockist in the fashion sector and so whether you want a t shirt, polo shirt, knitwear, chinos or a jacket check out Barbour online at Aspecto. 
Belstaff Clothing
With the emphasis on heritage, Belstaff clothing is a classic British Company, now Italian owned, and produces some exquisite jackets.

The Belstaff Jacket comes in a variety of designs for example the Road Master, Redford, and Trail Master are classics of our time with a quality finish and durability unsurpassed by imitations. The Belstaff jacket may, at first glance, appear expensive but they are worth every penny. Belstaff started nearly 100 years ago as an outerwear manufacturer looking for garments that combined waterproofing and breathability. Wax cotton was first used for the Belstaff jacket and modern versions of this, and other materials, are still used by the company today. So by choosing a Belstaff jacket, you're choosing a jacket that works practically and which also looks fantastic.  There's just something about the Belstaff jacket style that hits you as soon as you see one. Who says that you can't mix form and function? That's exactly what a Belstaff jacket does. It is form fitting, slimming, cool and has pockets for every occasion. A Belstaff jacket is the ultimate outerwear for people who like to look good in a crowd.

How can you not be entranced by a company that's been worn by motorcycle heroes like Sammy Miller, cult figures like Che Guevara and more recently, movie stars such as George Clooney and Leonardo di Caprio, as well as still being the jacket of choice for serious bikers too.

Billionaire Boys Club (BBC)
This brand first launched in 2005 and was a collab between Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes and the music producer/ DJ turned Japanese designer Nigo (Tomoaki Nagao) of BAPE fame.  Billionaire Boys Club suffered a number of setbacks at their inception as the arrangement between Reebok, who were going to launch the brand, and the design duo faltered.  In 2011 with funding an issue Jay-Z came on board backing the brand and has obviously injected some cash but tweeted that it was a partnership rather than a full takeover.  Jay-Z has always been a proponent of the brand and even includes a line in his lyrics When i wear "Billionaire Boys Club" is more than gear I don't wear it 'cause Pharrell wear it 'cause i'm fo' real.  The good news is that with Jay-Z’s standing in the Forbes rich list funding should no longer be an issue so keep up the design inspiration!
Aspecto have a long association with Birkenstock and it’d be fair to say it has been a summer staple for the Company for over 20 years. We believe that Birkis are without doubt the best sandals in the market and Aspecto are proud to be selling the range of Birkenstock men's sandals this season. It is hard to believe but Birkenstock is over 200 years old and still going strong.  The secret of their success is the  flexible arch and moulded cork foot bed which is designed to assist with the mechanics of walking and therein lies the secret of their success; style and comfort are ingredients hard to resist.
Essentially a work wear brand from the USA Carhartt do have a great range of wardrobe basics at great prices. Please note that the jeans are generous on their sizing this season and we would recommend that you size down one full size.
Carhartt uses high quality fabrics and this coupled with the rugged construction and comfortable fit of their garments is core to this brand of work wear. 
Clarks Originals
Clarks Originals is known for its fashion heritage and in this fashion conscious age the brand ignites our passion for all things ‘Old Skool’. Clarks Originals have stood the test of time and the brand retains a huge amount of kudos spanning the decades from the likes of Oasis to Steve McQueen in the The Great Escape. Aspecto has a selection of desert boots and wallabees available online and in store.

Clarks started operating in 1950 with the Originals brand breaking away from Clarks in 1995 to become a brand in its own right. The Desert boot is celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2009. 
Converse Trainers
Jack Purcell was the Canadian World Champion at Badminton back in the early 30s and upon his retirement he designed a canvas and rubber shoe for his sport.  The shoe was originally made for B F Goodrich but in the 70s Converse bought the trademark.  The Jack Purcell is noted for its signature which is the ‘smile’ around the front of the toe. In addition we also carry the ever youthful Chuck Taylor All star in hi top or lo profile.
Creative Recreation
This brand originated in California and aimed to exploit the middle ground between the athletic and dress shoe.  The range offers a standard silhouette which has been reworked by Nand and Cofinco, the design duo, in different leathers, suede’s, skins and colours.  Production runs are very limited offering the consumer something different and the A-listers in Hollywood have cottoned onto Creative Reaction UK with Zac Effron, Puff Daddy and Robert Downey Jnr among the brand’s exponents. The brand had so much success with the footwear that they have embracd the same ethos and expanded to create a lightly branded capsule designer clothing collection.
In 1974 Johann Cruyff personalised his Dutch football shirt removing a stripe and there was no doubt this was the start of something big and his fashion credentials were established. Cruyff's vision became a reality when he started to work with his close friend, Emilio Lazzarini who brough with him his knowledge  of implementing flexibility and comfort into their designs. 
When the Cruyff trainers hit the market there was a huge amount of interest in the collection which was  essentially a football boot paired down to a modern fashion footwear unit.  These shoes have proved a huge hit with Aspecto's clientelle and Cruyff Shoes look here to stay. The Cruyff clothing collection followed on the heel of the footwear with the first collection being launched in Spring/Summer 2013. Once again the emphasis is on sportwear styled for the fashion market. 
Great quality printed T Shirts are not as easy to find as you might think!  Dedicated are a Swedish lifestyle t shirt brand using brilliant graphics from  a group of creative individuals.  Check out these Fairtrade organic cotton t shirts from Dedicated.
Descente Dualism
For decades snow fiends have been aware of the brand Descente who produced great alpine mountain clothing. As with many specialist sports brands they realised they were restricting their market and extended their reach into other sportwear for  track & field., swimming, baseball and basketball .  Descente Dualism is a further extension of their policy and provides the fashion market with original and highly wearable pieces manuafctured using ground breaking fabrics, insulation with state of the art breathable qualities all without compromising functionality. Descente Dualism are also striving to improve their manufacturing processes to reduce their operating footprint and use treated recycled fabrics. 
Deus Ex Machina 
For this season we have a new brand called Deus Ex Machina (God from the Machine). It started out as a motorcycle cum bike cum personalised surf board brand with workshops in Oz, California and the Far East and has transformed itself into an ultra cool clothing brand capable of supplying the demand for their products. Their roots are still focused on t shirts and shorts with some great hoodies with belting graphics. 
Edwin Jeans is an ever growing brand and a favourite with Aspecto staff and customers alike. Edwin use Japanese denim to its very best and have created a cool denim brand which is not overly expensive and the washes and fit are terrific.  
Edwin started jeans production in 1961 and the brand has come to the forefront of the jean market because of their innovative washing processes and techniques. The jeans are ever popular with Aspecto staff and customers alike. 
Elvine is yet another Nordic brand which has come to the fore via it's knowledge of denim.  The brand has now diversified and extended not only its range but also the use of fabrics, washes and finishes to achieve a better fit in their product range.  The jackets are casual yet sophisticated and the aim is to make quality products for the sidewalk as opposed to the catwalk.
Engineered Garments
Aspecto were one of the first stockists of Engineered Garments when it first launched. The brand originates in New York and the design elements come from the prolific designer Daiki Suzuki. The design detail in this range is reflected in the price which isn't cheap but the clothes do last and will be a great investment in years to come.  
Farah Vintage chinos and jeans are back in the fashion focus again .  Farah's heritage was in US military uniform manufacture and originally the design, fabric, manufacture was all completed in the USA.  Originally the products could only be sold in the US but thankfully the brand revised its policy and attracted a global market.  Farah has been through many cycles of popularity and obscurity but is back on the attack again.
Yet another Nordic design house to grace our shores and perhaps our Northern European climate is in part to blame.  Fjallraven are into the outdoors and performance clothing in a big way and this season we have bought into their iconic Greenland jacket and the Kanken back packs.
Grenson Shoes
Grenson have a long and illustrious history in the manufacture of welted footwear. Here at Aspecto we view
Grenson Shoes as a key brand and we offer a great range of Grenson boots and mens brogues.  Aspecto have sold this brand for many seasons and the consistency of the end product ensures the longevity of this brand.

Northamptonshire has, for many centuries, been the home of the English shoemaker's art and this was where 
Grenson Shoes was born. In the mid 1800s shoe making was still a cottage industry and William Green learned the business whilst helping his mother to handcraft boots at home. William's products soon became renowned for their consistency of craftsmanship and materials; and his 'outworker contract' soon attracted the best craftsmen in the area. William realised that if he was to expand his business, keep his costs under control and remain true to the contract the best option was to build and equip his own factory; 'Greens Yard' was opened in 1874 and was amongst the first to adopt the recently invented Goodyear welt method of construction.

In the early 1950s
Grenson Shoes quickly adapted to changes in public taste, for the shoe had now became the predominant form of footwear as opposed to the boot which predominated before the war. Whilst Goodyear welted production was and still is at the heart of Grenson's business, the company has continued to explore ways in which comfort and appearance can be further enhanced with the introduction of innovations such as the Grens-in Sole to provide soft, underfoot flexibility.

Manufacturing techniques have also changed, albeit that the vast majority of their shoes are still hand-crafted. Similarly, changing lifestyles not least, increased travel by car and less walking has meant that innovation in design and use of materials has kept our range modern whilst retaining the heritage and craftsmanship that is encapsulated in the phrase: 'Grenson England's Master Shoemakers since 1866'. 
Happy Socks
A smorgasbord of socks is what you get from Swedish company Happy Socks. High quality combed cotton and wool with reinforced toes and heels improve longevity and they come in all shapes and sizes!
Humor Clothing
Humor clothing deserves the growing reputation it has for its off-beat, colourful and risky designs. The brand that has taken us by surprise, and has a well-deserved reputation for funky, cutting-edge designs. The designers are Danish electronic music fans who decided to splice together their creative inventions to develop an inspirational brand of clothing for the noughties. If your mindset is firmly ensconced in the culture of hip, youth culture, social media and dance music, you'll simply adore this Humor clothing range. The clothes appeal to the younger generation and retail at a truly affordable price point.  The Humor jeans are key to the brand's success and come in a myriad of colours and washes.  Check out the santiago and Zanka jeans and the new range of summer shorts
J Lindeberg Clothing
J Lindeberg has changed its profile recently and what was originally perceived as a golf brand has extended its range into men's casual fashion. Aspecto have a great selection of polos, t shirts, shirts, knitwear and chinos available from this Swedish design house. 
Our Aspecto Buyers love the Claude K-Way jacket which an iconic waterproof wind breaker. The Buying Team at Aspecto believe this will be a key piece this summer, which is a tad depressing as they are obviously expecting rain!
One Rainy day in Paris, 1965, Leon-Claude Duhamel observed people rushing by in soaking wet clothes (a familiar sight round these parts too).  It was this day that K-Way was born; a lightweight, completely waterproof jacket which could fold into a small hip bag. In the first year alone, more than 250,000 pieces were sold as it meant you could leave the umbrella at home! Perfected with time in terms of practicality and breathability, by 1970 the K-Way jacket had become a cult phenomenon. It's clear to see why; they are stylish, practical and unbelievable value for money. 
Levi Jeans 
One of the most iconic brands of the 21st century Levi’s® was the originator of the blue jean. They continue to make fabulous denim whilst dipping into the archives to re-create styles from previous eras. The Levi’s® brand itself offers a great variety of fits and washes.  Check out this season 511 and 508 from Levi Jeans UK
Luke Clothing
Luke 1977 garments are well made, competitively priced and this, coupled with their tight distribution policy,  ensures that you don't see everyone wearing the same piece.

Behind Luke 1977 is Luke Roper, who set up the label with his lifelong friend Simon Poole. Luke was just 12 when he began his fashion career and mastered the sewing machine. The menswear brand has a loyal Indy following that has seen Luke 1977 evolve a long way from the days when Luke tested his designs on his school mates in the playground, to become a booming UK brand. By the age of 15, Luke was making shirts and trousers for friends. Luke attended Central Saint Martins College of Fashion and became known for his edgy but practical designs. Stylish but masculine was his trademark look, with a dollop of quirky humour thrown in, it's not surprising Luke 1977 became the 'bit of a rogue' of the designer labels.
Lyle & Scott
Based in Hawick in Scotland Lyle and Scott makes some fabulous knitwear.  It was essentially a golfing brand but has acquired a fashion fan base.  The eagle logo adorns the collection and they still maintain a Royal Warrant.
Marshall Artist
Marcshall Artist Is a brand which is most definitely on the up and up.  It offers some great casual pieces which aren't havily branded and the t shirts have some great printed graphics.  Whether by chance or design the Marshall Artist brand has had serious press due to the fact that  David Beckham, Jude Law and the Gallaghers have all been snapped wearing this label.
Ma.Strum is a collection of designs by Donrad Duncan inspired by the studio archives of Massimo Osti.  Massimo Osti was the creator of some of the great innovative labels of the 70s & 80s such as CP Company and Stone Island and sadly died in 2005.   Donrad Duncan on the other hand was Assistant Creative Director for Victorinox Clothing and was one of the first to merge technical apparel and fabrics with sportswear. 

Money Clothing
Money Clothing started out, like many before it, as a straightforward t-shirt brand, but it evolved quickly to become a fully-fledged range of top quality garments. The 'King Ape' signature logo and Money Clothing currency jeans have pushed this brand up the fashion ranking. From the large King Ape logo t shirts, to script sweatshirts they retain their appeal season on season.The Aspecto range of Money Clothing is available in store and online and if you have any queries regarding the brand don't hesitate to get in touch at buyonline@aspecto.co.uk   


Native Youth 

A young on trend Manchester based design house focusing on eccentric British quirkiness.  The Native Youth brand has had a meteoric rise in the fashion market and was a Drapers finalist in 2013.  Great young fashion designs at a really competitive price.  


New Balance
New Balance have been around for over a century and are noted for providing well built performance sports shoes.  This Company invests in improving technology and production and reducing their impact on the environment.  If you are looking for a quality fashion sports shoe look no further than New Balance trainers and the iconic styles 410, 420, 996 and 574 for men and women.  
Norse Projects 
Norse Projects are a curiosity as they started out with one retail outlet in Copenhagen and in 2009 decided to launch their inaugural clothing collection. The goal was to create a look which combined street and classic work wear with a fashion twist. The range at Aspecto includes some great looking chinos, jackets, hats and shirts perfect for this season.  
Nudie Jeans
The Swedish design team at Nudie have one specialty, denim.  They love the differnet type of quality denim and what you can do with it by way of washes and finishes. Nudie Jeans love the way that denim evolves as you wash and wear it and believe in their mantra that a good pair of jeans will outlast fashion.
Paul Smith Shoes
Over the last 20 years Sir Paul Smith has established himself as the pre-eminent British Designer. His clothing collections have managed to transmit a genuine sense of humour and mischief blending this with his love of tradition and the classic. Paul Smith was one of the first brands in Aspecto in 1986 and we are delighted to be able to retail Paul Smith shoes online. 
Patagonia Inc is based in California which is perhaps an odd choice for a Company focused on high end outdoor performance clothing.  It was founded in 1972 by Yvon Chouinard, who is an experienced climber and environmentalist and since Patagonia’s inception the financial success of the company has funded environmental projects.  They only manufacture garments and equipment for ‘silent sports’ (without any motor) and the processes used from the lighting of their stores to the dyeing of their fabrics is done with as little impact to the environment as possible their mission statement is -  ‘Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis’ .  Aspecto stock a selection of quality Patagonia jackets which are worth a second glance. 
Penfield have built their reputation on outerwear and their down filled gillets and jackets. The Buyers at Aspecto have purchased a number of Penfield  jackets from their range along with a selection of hats, shirts and tops to add some depth to the collection in store. Penfield products are designed to keep the weather out and fashion, function, practicality and durability are the key elements of the brand. 
Using a variety of quality leathers, suedes and bucks Pointer Shoes have created some stylish units which really fill the gap somewhere between a trainer and a welted unit.  Relaxed, comfortable and easy to wear Pointer Crago, Cyril, Lee and Surfer Rosa are understanded but cool.
Puma was a by product of the fall out between the Dassler brothers and there was a bitter rivalry as each competed for a share in the same sector of the footwear market. Surprisingly both brands succeeded and whether its soccer, NFL, athletics, Ozzie rules, cricket, rugby or golf Puma is now firmly ensconced as a major supplier of sports products.  The Aspecto Buyers love these retro Puma trainers particularly the Puma Suede. 
Rains Rainwear
I know we think our weather is pretty lousy in the UK but I think the Danes have it worse. The coastal climate of Denmark averages of 121days with rain during the year so it's hardly surprising that RAINS found a captive market for their Rains Denmark rain jackets and accessories which are functional, stylish and above all else waterproof.
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren manufacture footwear for both Men and Women and both ranges are sold at Aspecto.  The Ralph Lauren sneakers for men and the lovely sandals for the ladies are great in this season's colour ways. Ralph Lauren footwear did stand out for our Buying team as a line to watch as it has heritage, brand recognition and style. There is something for everyone.
Red Wing 
Red Wing offer hand crafted work boots and unite quality leathers and finish with design, furthermore they have been doing what they do for over a century which is why they are so good at it. Red Wings were heavily worn by the cognoscenti at the trade shows this season and the tip for this Autumn is that the work boot influence will be huge. The Classic Mock and Work Chukka are due at Aspecto for the season so get your order in early.

For more than a century, Red Wing has proudly stood for getting the job done right. Today the gold standard in work footwear combines the finest leathers, premium handcraftsmanship, and uncompromising quality with new technologies for the next generation of comfort, style, and durability. 
Northampton based manufacturer sanders have been doing their thing since 1873.  They were commissioned to manufacture boots for the forces in WW1and post war needed to expand into the more genteel footwear market.   If you are after a pair of mens brogues, loafers or chukkas then it is likely to appear in the Sanders range and suede is the favourite upper for this season.
7 For All Mankind 
The premium denim brand 7 for all mankind was launched in California back in 2000 as a ladies brand but this was extended in 2002 when they launched the first men’s collection.  Sevens are the jean band of choice for Hollywood stars such as Ben Affleck, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds with the fit and washes being the key to this brands success.
Stussy Clothing
The Stussy brand has been a main stay at Aspecto since 1990 when we first acquired this fashion label. Stussy has respect for being a cool international street label and that it we continue to stock it at Aspecto. Shawn Stussy started his label in the 1980s scrawling his signature on tee shirts to sell in Laguna, California. The brand has evolved and over the years has been influenced by music, skaters and artists. The brand has worldwide respect as an international street wear label. Aspecto has stocked this brand since 1989 and the including the ever popular Stussy tee shirts are as popular as ever.  
Superga Shoes
Superga 2750 Heritage was born in 1925 in Turin. These shoes are easy to wear and designed to dress up or down. It can be washed like your favourite jean to create your own vintage look. If you are in need of Superga shoes look no further than Aspecto designer footwear. Superga shoes are available for men and women at Aspecto. 
Swims Shoes Uk have made a great attempt to create summer shoes from water friendly fabrics with anti bactrial qualities.  The shoes incorporate anti slip none marking soles, perfect for the yatching fraterntity, come in a colourfull palette and are a pretty stylish addition to your summer wardrobe.  You can stroll through the surf with ease and throw your cares about ruining your footwear to the wind. 
Timberland Boot Company make some great performance footwear and their design team has done an exceptional job this season with the styling.  Check out the Timberland boots for men and women available at Aspecto.
Trickers Shoes
Trickers shoes epitomise all that is good about UK manufactured English footwear. The quality of leather and the manufacturing process is sublime but it does come at a cost. Aspecto view Trickers Shoes as the Rolls Royce of welted footwear.designs.

In 1829 Joseph Tricker, master shoemaker, founded the company R.E. Tricker Ltd and five generations later his family continue to apply the same traditional crafts and skills in the production of the world renowned “Tricker’s” shoes. Using only the best available materials, including calf upper leather and oak bark tanned soles, Tricker’s craftsmen apply their legendary skills to produce both hand-made and bench-made shoes which maintain a standard seldom equalled in the world of Goodyear welted footwear. 
Vivienne Westwood Shoes by Melissa
The Melissa range for the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Collection incorporates the Queen of Punk’s signature style. Aspecto stock a selection from the Vivienne Westwood Melissa range from boots to ballet pumps and sandals but if it’s party glamour you are looking for then heels are a must! 
The Adidas Y3 collection is the result of an ingenious collaboration between sportswear giant Adidas and the famed Japanese fashion designer, Yohji Yamamoto. Aspecto was one of the first retailers in the UK to buy this brand of directional sport/leisure wear and it has a loyal band of followers. Adidas has the cultural clobber, technical know-how and global reach, whereas Yamamoto brings to the table a clever, quirky style to create the distinct Y-3 signature. Y-3 is viewed as a collector's brand thanks to their unique design.

Whether you are looking for their individual clothing range or the ever popular Y3 trainers Sprint, Honja,Boxing and Field look no further than Aspecto designer clothing.    





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This season Aspecto have a great selection of designer clothing and designer footwear from brands such as 7 for All Mankind, Adidas Originals, Barbour, Barbour Dept B, Barbour Steve McQueen, Belstaff, Carhartt, Clarks Originals, Creative Recreation, Cruyff, Deus Ex Machina, Descente Dualism, Edwin, Elvine, Engineered Garments, Grenson, Humor, K-Way, Levis, J Lindeberg, Luke 1977, L'Ascolana, Marshall Artist, Ma.Strum, Matchless, Money Clothing, Natural Selection, New Balance, Norse Projects, Nudie, Orlebar Brown, Penfield, Patagonia, Pointer, Pantafolla, Paul Smith Shoes, Ransom, Rains, Reebok, Ralph Lauren Shoes, Stussy, Superga, Two Thirds and Y-3. Aspecto retail men's women's and kids clothing and footwear. Support independent retailing and the quality customer service it provides.

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